Capacity: 800 lb
Weight: 17 lb
Size: 25-1/2″W x 23-7/8″L

Made From Treadbrite Aluminum

Note: Wheels may vary slightly from what is pictured on all hand truck and cart products.


Introducing the Dutro Handtruck Curb Ramps CR24X26, meticulously handcrafted in the USA to enhance your business’s material handling capabilities.


Capacity: 800 lbs
Weight: 17 lbs
Size: 25-1/2″W x 23-7/8″L

Key Features:

Crafted from premium Treadbrite Aluminum for superior durability.
Designed to simplify the transport of heavy loads over curbs and obstacles.
Made in the USA, ensuring quality and precision.

The Dutro Curb Ramp is your reliable solution for efficient material handling. Choose American craftsmanship to elevate your operations. Make the intelligent choice for your business – opt for the Dutro Curb Ramp for seamless curb and obstacle navigation.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 26 × 4 in