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Dutro is a leader in the material handling industry, committed to manufacturing quality equipment since 1945.

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Made in the USA of premium welded steel Dutro hand trucks, carts, and dollies are commercial grade. Generations of professionals have trusted Dutro crafted material handling products because they are durable and reliable workhorses that perform well in any environment. 


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"Dutro is the original maker of severe duty hand trucks and once you feel the weight of one you will know."
— Cliff J.
"I use my handtruck to move about 4,000 Sunday papers every weekend. I've been doing this for 6 years. I'm really impressed with the durability of its construction....I would like to tell you that you have built one heck-of-a handtruck."
— James M.
"You can definitely tell these are commercial-grade products, the quality, and durability are unmatched."
— Susan S.