Dutro Return policy

The following is Dutro’s return policy for all Dutro manufactured products. 

30 Days from date of original purchase from Dutro. Dutro will evaluate the product. If the product is found defective, Dutro will repair or replace the item at no additional charge to the customer/dealer. If the product’s damage is found to be from abuse and not defective, the customer/dealer will be notified and the decision will be put into their hands on how to proceed. If the return is not for damaged/defective products, the return is customers/dealer’s expense, 15% re-stock fee will be applied. If arrived back with damaged all repairs/loss’s fees will be applied. Dutro reserves the right to revoke return policy at any time without notification.

For all questions please contact us at contact@dutro.com or call us at 435-752-3921, thank you.