Capacity: 900 lb
Weight: 47 lb
Size: 50″H x 19″W x 22″L

Special features
1-1/4” 14-gauge tubing
Shovel Nose Toe Plate Allows for Larger Loads
Taller Frame Gives More Leverage Over Heavy Loads


Dutro Shovel Nose Handtrucks – 808B: Elevate Your Material Handling Efficiency

For businesses that demand exceptional performance from their material handling equipment, the Dutro Shovel Nose Handtruck 808B is the embodiment of strength and craftsmanship. Made from premium steel and handcrafted in the USA, it stands out as a reliable, durable, and high-capacity solution for your material handling needs.

The Dutro 808B is engineered to deliver heavy-duty performance while maintaining safety and efficiency. Whether you’re moving appliances, furniture, or any other substantial loads, this handtruck is up to the task.


Model: 808B
Capacity: 900 lb
Weight: 47 lb
Size: 50″H x 19″W x 22″L

The exceptional load capacity of 900 lbs makes it a powerful asset in your material handling operations. Its tall frame, built with 1-1/4” 14-gauge tubing, provides the leverage needed to transport heavy items efficiently.

The Dutro Shovel Nose Handtruck 808B is a long-term investment in your business’s productivity and safety. When you choose Dutro, you’re choosing American-made quality and craftsmanship. Elevate your material handling efficiency and meet the demands of your business with the Dutro Shovel Nose Handtruck 808B.

Part # W-S8.52.5

  • 8-1/2″ X 2-1/2″ X 5/8″

Part # W-M82-B34

  • 8″ X 2″ X 3/4″

Additional information

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 20 × 50 in