*PLEASE BE ADVISED: Actual wheels available for certain handtrucks may vary from those displayed in the corresponding pictures

All items listed below, with the exception of the PT’s, have a removable handle. Standard platform trucks feature rounded corners and recessed handle sockets on all four corners to help protect merchandise, personnel and buildings.

Constructed of 12 gauge material with 2” x 2” x 3/16” angle cross braces for caster mounting.

Any size deck can be furnished on request. In addition, heavy duty casters and wheels can be added to increase load capacity.

Special Options
Deck only (no casters) – Deck Capacity 3600 lbs (Distributed)
Extra Handle Pipe Stakes
Other Sizes (special order)
High Capacity
Fixed Handle

Bolt-on Casters
PT’s are the only platform truck to come with casters. However, you can add casters to any platform truck. The ability to replace casters and choose the wheels to best suit your need is an option few in the industry provide. This will add years to the longevity of your material handling products, quality is always our number one focus!