Unlike traditional wet spray painting methods, powder coating is the advanced yet simple application of paint in the form of tiny dry powder particles. In its natural state, the pigmented powder actually looks and feels like colored baby powder. However, when applied properly, the powder coated finish is far superior to wet paint due to its incredible durability, consistency and resistance to chipping and scratching.


    Powder Coating

    The philosophy of the powder coating division at Dutro Company. can be described in two words: quality and service. We take great pride in providing our customers with exceptional quality coupled with customer service that is second to none.

    Our conveyorized powder coat system accommodates product sizes up to 36” x 84” x 120” and can produce large volume production runs as well as small prototype or custom jobs.

    Virtually any variation of the color spectrum can be found or reproduced in powder form. Flat, semi-gloss, high gloss, texture, wrinkle, fluorescent and translucent finishes are available as well. Dutro can help you make cost-effective powder decisions whether you choose a standard color that is readily available or prefer to color match a custom powder.


    The Process

    The powder coating process is performed on electrically conductive metals using an electrostatic charge. After traveling through an automated washing system, the parts to be painted are given an electrostatic charge opposite the charge given to the powder. A spray gun is used to saturate the charged parts with powder and the two are naturally drawn together due to the opposite charge. Once the powder is applied, the parts are then conveyorized through an oven and baked at approximately 375 to 400 degrees for a fixed amount of time. During this curing process, a strong bond occurs as the heat melts the powder and forms a plastic sheet around the part. After cooling down, the finished product is ready for handling.

    Another advantage of using powder coating is the lack of hazardous VOC (volatile organic compounds) commonly found in liquid paints. Over sprayed powder is recycled and hardly any solid waste is generated which means that powder coating is completely safe for the environment.