Designed to make moving appliances easier, the new belt systems and swing out put Dutro’s vending trucks on top of the market in durability, design and function. The new one belt retract system allows you to do the job easier. Our vending trucks are widely used by the leading bottlers.

A special series of trucks for video games and vending machines. The “brute” will move up to 1600 lbs. The large rear wheels pivot back to handle the big load. The “Brawny Brute” also moves 1600 lbs. and is designed for use with large (over 62″ tall) vending machines.

A safety wheel lock is available on models 1872-SB, 1878-SB, 1888, and 1888-78.

The lock supplied with the Brawny Brute (optional on the Brute) is only for breaking over the load when stopped on a level surface. It is not to be used as a brake for stopping, slowing or retaining the loaded or unloaded unit on either flat or sloped surfaces.